Announcing the commence of Zetta Monster PLUS V2.0

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Momo Studio’s latest production, the new and improved Zetta Monster Plus will commence soon! Our heartfelt gratitude to all participants in Zetta Monster Plus v1.0 for your precious suggestions that assists us in supplying entertaining gaming experience to public.After several analysis and enhancement, Zetta Monster Plus is entering its version 2. Other than upgrades in game design and balance, we have also fixed several technical issues reported previously. Stay tune as this new version will roll out along with several interactive events and rewards!

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由Momo Studio制作的结特精灵+ (Zetta Monster Plus) 即将以全新形式登场啦!感谢玩家在 Zetta Monster Plus v1.0 时给的宝贵意见,这让我们能从中改进来让这游戏更加能够为大家带来欢乐。经过反思与改良后,结特精灵+将进入v2.0阶段 (Zetta Monster Plus v2.0)!除了游戏本身的技术问题之外,其设计与平衡设定也经过了全面的改良哦!等待一切准备就绪的时候,结特精灵+就会连同许多活动与奖励一起推出哦!立刻Like我们的page来加入我们以获得结特精灵+未来的动向吧!

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