Slick, fast and lucky, Chamic possesses all the qualities to be a successful assassin. With high agility and a high chance to deal critical damage, Chamic is able to pound wild zmons so hard, they could not even touch Chamic once. Not only that, Chamic can successfully create lots of fusion equipments and powerful cards.

“Not everything is as easy as it seems, you know…” says Chamic, however.

Being able to attack hard and fast does not mean that Chamic is the greatest fighter. Even with a light attack from a young zmon is enough to send Chamic running away to heal and grab more Potiniums. Poor Chamic, always seen running away with bandages and bruises. Perhaps fighting was not Chamic’s forte after all.

“But…but…I’ve always wanted to be a merchant…”

The urge to be a merchant starts when Mydus gave Chamic a platinum card membership for always buying Potiniums in Mydus’ store. For every zgold Chamic earns, it will ultimately go to Mydus…poor Chamic. Besides, being able to own powerful equipment but unable to wear it is a total waste for Chamic as well…

“Might as well give up fighting and start my own business, right?”

…Hmm…Mydus may not like that suggestion at all…

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