“Da roo-roo, Da-roo!”, says Dragoo.

Playful and cute, Dragoo is a character not to be messed with when taunted. Dragoo was never a fighter though, what with those tiny paws and tiny claws.However, Dragoo makes it up with high intelligence and the ablilty to cast powerful magic to assist in battle.

“Who says I’m weak! Dragoo can KICK! Dragoo can tail WHIP!”

Dragoo is a weak character at first, but as this creature grows, Dragoo will become a formidable spell caster able to bend all elements to its will. Not only that, Dragoo’s healing ability makes this zmon a heavenly creature.

What baffles most zmons is the fact that, despite being born carrying a mysterious orb, Dragoo itself know nothing about the orb. The orb shines whenever Dragoo uses magic. This may be the reason why Dragoo is strong with magic.

Perhaps this mysterious orb may also be the catalyst to make Dragoo grow…

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