February 10, 2012 the release of Zetta Monster PLUS Closed Beta 2.0



Welcome to the new Zetta Monster PLUS Closed Beta 2.0, we are glad to announced that ZPLUS CBT 2.0 is ready for gameplay testing. The previous version CBT 1.0 was launched in the last quater of 2009 for gameplay testing. Since then we have recieved many idea and feedback, we are thankful for your feedback. Therefore we have amended the ZPLUS systems according to players’ preferences. Please help us to make our game better as we valued every single input from players. Last but not least in the end of CBT 2.0 testing period all account will be wiped.


Game Site:www.momo-studio.com/zplus/play.php

Tutorial Page: http://momo-studio.com/blog/howtoplay/




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