How To Play ZPLUS CBT 2.0

The Game :

In this tutorial, we will give an introduction to playing this game.

For the 1st time player, you will have to wait until the entire file is loaded into your computer before playing the game.

  1. Registration is compulsory for this game,
  2. Choose/Select a character,
  3. Select a blessing crystal,
  4. Please enter a valid email as the game requires email activation.

The World Area

  • New Players arrive in the world area. Here players can hunt down zmons (other zetta monsters) to collect raw materials, zgold and scrolls

St. Z’s Resting Place

  • Players will battle some evil zetta monsters here
  • Scan on the monsters and challenge them for a fight

Battle with Zetta Monsters

  • This is an Active Time Based battle system.
  • When the time bar is full, the player gets to make a choice/selection on a command:
    • Attack = for normal physical attack
    • Itemz  = to use items for recovery
    • Z-skill = equipped skill to be cast (each skill is limited to the SP/MP)
    • Escape = live to fight another day and another time, if the Monsters is too strong for your character.
  • Different evil Zetta Monsters will drop different scrolls, raw materials and ZGOLD.

Leveling UP

  • When the experience points are full there will be a promotion on the character.
  • Players can select to upgrade on the STR, AGI, INT and LUK in the STATUS by clicking on the “+” sign.
  • Choose wisely because each stat will improve on different attributes.

Character Progression Mechanics

  • ZPLUS consists of numerous hidden character progression mechanics. However some of the visible ones are…
  • LEVEL = increases when the experience point is full
  • AGE = increases  when players reached a particular zen point
  • MERCHANT LEVEL = increase by the numbers of transactions in Auction Gallery & Market Place
  • SKILL LEVEL = increases by the numbers of times players used it in  battles
  • Z-AURA = increases by the numbers of equipment  points

The Town of Z area

  • A place where players can rest and shop for items, equipments, skills and many more.


  • Players can get some cool equipment here. Careful selections of equipments is needed as these equipments can be equipped if players character statistics fulfills the requirements.
  • To check on the requirements (LEVEL, STR, AGI, INT and LUK) players have to click on the STATUS, apart from it players can check the character’s statistics inside blacksmith.
  • Remember each transaction required ZGOLD.
  • By equipping these equipments it will make players’ characters to be stronger.
  • TO EQUIP-> STATUS>EQUIP(tab)>Select the equipment>EQUIP(button)

School of Magic

  • There is this place called School of Magic where players can learn magic skills.
  • There are 2 categories of Magical Skills; Offensive and Defensive.
  • Select carefully as it will help players during the battle.
  • Remember each transaction required ZGOLD
  • By learning these skills it’ll inflict more damage to NPC or to recover players from damage. Each skills consume SP/MP
  • TO EQUIP-> STATUS>SKILL(tab)>Select from skill list>ADD(button)
  • Players need to add these skills before using it in the battle.

Item Plaza

  • Before you go for grinding outside of the city it’s better to drop by Item Plaza and shop for items
  • Carefully selecting items such as potinuims and enerzen to prevent unnecessary ZGOLD spent.
  • Used these items for recovering players’ damage during battle.
  • If players have extra ZGOLD, players can shop for card scrolls or/and eq scrolls.

Fusion Industry

  • Upon collecting all the RAW materials needed for the type of equipments and cards, players can try to combine these materials to produce the types for equipments and cards in the scrolls.
  • If the players have additional cards, players can used the enhancement feature to enhance their equipments with card
  • Remember it all depends on players’ LUK
  • If a weapon is successfully enhanced there will be an increase on the statistics of the weapon.

Holy Palace

  • Quest Room for character leveling.
  • Talk to the guy and ask for a task, once the task is fulfilled there will be a reward for it.
  • Sometimes some rewards are worth fighting for.

Auction Gallery

  • Players can auction any equipments in the STATUS>EQUIP(tab)>auction(button).
  • Players with the highest bid gets the prize

Market Place

  • If you are short in ZGOLD players can drop by the Market Place to sell some of stuff to earn more ZGOLD.
  • Sometimes players might find some cheap bargains in the shop as well.


  • Community place for players to interact and chat
  • Players can check other players’ profile
  • Players can also invites other players to go for a round of card game

Battle Coliseum

  • After getting at least FIVE cards you are invited to go into the Coliseum for card battling.
  • Here players can choose to battle players (PvP)  or battle NPC
  • Winners will get a reward.
  • Read carefully on the rules of the ZCARD Battle.

Fortune MiniZ

  • A collection of mini game to help players to collect crystals and leveling.

Billboard of Fame

  • The collections of TOP players all around the world


  • Exit from Town of Z and proceed to World area

The Game: