Mass, a giant zmon with a giant heart. Mass may look big and tough, but this zmon is known to have a kind heart and is also a loyal friend.

“Defense is the best offense!” is what many would hear Mass say all the time.

As a gentle giant, Mass was never on the offensive side. Mass would rather stay passive and not fight back. However, Mass makes it up with high defense and being huge, Mass can easily topple down hard-hitting foes with that huge body and fist. Just try not to make Mass too angry, else instead of a fist slam, Mass might just body slam everyone…

“En Masse, I am!”

With all the weight accumulated, Mass did find it a little bit worrying about health. Should I go on a diet? Should I lose some weight? Should I pound more wild Zmons than the rest of them? Should I eat less crystals?

Maybe, just maybe, Mass could be fitter as it grows…

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