Work and more work… On Zetta Monster PLUS CBT 2.0 cont.


Finally we have reached the final phase of ALPHA 2.0, one more step to go before we can launch ZPLUS CBT 2.0. We have lost count on the time spent in refining the game, as the team tried to “breath” a new “SOUL” to ZPLUS CBT 1.0. This new “SOUL” or in common term balancing, took most of the developer’s time in customizing and re-creating new systems for the engine to accommodate the new balancing. The rest of the enhancements covered on the previous post remains except storytelling as it’ll be revealed on the Open Beta Version.

We have introduced a new gameplay enhancement to the game. It is called “Blessing Crystal Form”, as there are TWELVE (12) types of classes where players can choose, from berserker to merchant. Each class has their own specific character ‘AGE’ leveling sequence. If the “Blessing Crystal” focuses on Strength & Agility, in every AGE leveling STR & AGI will be promoted.  Apart from that, players can choose a different  focus during normal leveling such as LUK & INT, it’s really depending on how players customized the stats of the character.

In the character stats, we have also included the M-Atk (Magic Attack) attribute to increase the magic damage of players. With the new addition of this feature, magic players can have a higher damage on enemies. This is best desired for mage player :)

We have also enhanced on the quest system. The new quest system promotes character leveling; here players can level up faster. In addition to this, a better rewarding system was also introduced together with the quest system. Players can have good rewards when completing a task.

Look forward to the release date of ZPLUS CBT 2.0 ^oo^

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